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PVC Cable Stabilizers

Tepe Kimya produce Lead base stabilizer for 20 years in fully automated production systems. Strong Pb stabilizes are mainly used for PVC wire and cable. Pb one-pack PVC stabilizers include; Lead carboxylate, internal external lubricants, antioxidants and various chemical additives. It has excellent processability and electrical insulation property, facilitating fusion and improving liquidity during processing and the brightness and smooth of the product. It is highly efficient product with low water absorption, excellent thermal aging and mechanical performance.

  • Ürün Formulleri

    PVC Cable Recipes              
    Service Temperature   70°C   90°C   105°C   125°C
    PVC (K-value 70)   100   100   100   100
    Plasticizer   50 phr DEHP   55 phr DIDP   50 phr TOTM   50 phr TOTM
    Filler   70-80 phr   60-80 phr   15-20 phr   15-20 phr
    Ca/Zn-Stabilizer   3.0-4.0 phr   4.0-6.0 phr   8.0-10.0 phr   10.0-14.0 phr
    Pb-Stabilizer   3.0-3.5 phr   4.0-6.0 phr   8.0-10.0 phr   10.0-14.0 phr
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