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Zinc Stearate (ZN-55)

Metallic Soap Zinc Stearate  [CH 3(CH 2) 16CO 2] 2Zn Zinc Stearate is a very fine particle size and low density neutral zinc soap. It is most powerful mould release agent. It has hydrophobic effect and as an adhesion protector in rubber. It used as an external Lubricant. It is very compatible for all plastic application, Coatings application and especially for Paint Industry. Also Zinc Stearate used in Paper and in constuction chemicals as water proof agent. Tepe Kimya offers an extensive range of Zinc Stearates in addition to our standard products, we also provide customised additive solutions that are entirely based on customers individual requirements.

  • Ürün Formulleri

    Masterbatch Recipes          
    Raw Material   Filler Masterbatch   Colour Masterbatch   Desiccant Masterbatch
    PE Resin    20 phr   30 phr   25 phr
    Filler   75 phr   40 phr   10 phr
    Pigments   -   25 phr   -
    Desiccant   1.5 phr   1.5 phr   60 phr
    Zinc Stearate   1.5 phr   1.5 phr   2.0 phr
    Calcium Stearate   0.5 phr   0.5 phr   1.5 phr
    PE Wax   1.5 phr   1.5 phr   1.5 phr
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