Calcium Oxide Oil Coated

Hygroscope-PW (Calcium Oxide coated with paraffinic oil)

Hygroscope-PW is a non-dusting calcium oxide powder coated with paraffinic oil to delay reactivity. Coating with paraffinic oil is elminates dust and assists dispersion of Calcium Oxide.

It is used to delay reactivity as well as a desiccant in rubber compounds cured pressureless i.e. microwave system, LCM hot air or fluid bed. Hygroscope-PW will turn into Calcium Hydroxide once it will absorb water.

Hygroscope-PW can be used to absorb moisture and prevent blisters & porosity in the following processes:

●   Dessicant masterbatch production

●   Filler masterbatch to exted shelf life of product and absorb moisture in raw materials

●   Recycling plastics

●  Pressureless continuous curing systems like microwave, LCM, hot air, fluid beds, low pressure curing in the cable industry.


Chemical Characteristics : Calcium oxide coated with paraffinic oil

Appearance: Light grey, non-dusting powder

CaO content: 85 % ±2

Density: approx. 2.37 g/cm³

Storage Stability: One year after production date.

Packing: 25 kg PE lined bags.


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