PVC Fittings Stabilizers

Tepe Kimya produce non-toxic environment friendly Ca-Zn stabilizer for 20 years in fully automated production systems.

Ca-Zn stabilizers are mainly used for PVC Fittings. One-pack PVC Ca-Zn stabilizers include; calcium - zinc carboxylate, internal – external lubricants antioxidants and various chemical additives. It has excellent processability, it is improving the brightness and giving smooth surface of the product with excellent mechanical performance. Tepe Kimya offers an extensive range of stabilisers for Fittings In addition to our standard products, we also provide customised additive solutions that are entirely based on customers individual requirements.

Stabilizers For PVC Fittings

Properties/Grade Stab TP-50-3
Application PVC Fittings
Physical Form Of The Product Flake
Lead Content(%) 42±2
Color White
Ash Content (%) 45±2
Bulk Density(g/1) 600±30
Moisture (%) Max 1.0% Max.
Recommended Usage (Phr) 4-7 phr

Recommended Formula for PVC Fittings

Raw Materials (Per hundred resin, phr) Powder Form (Kg) Granule Form (Kg)
PVC K-58 100 100
Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) 20 30
PVC Stabilizer (Stab TP-50-3) 5.5 6
Stearic Acid - -
Calcium Stearate (Ca-30) - -
PE Wax 0.1 0.1
H-310 (Processing Aid) - -
PY-30 (Impact Modifier) - -
PA-310 (Acrylic based impact modifier) 0.8 0.9
Titanium Dioxide (Rutile Grade) 0.2 0.2
Carbon Black 0.02 0.02


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